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Choose from the fine wines of Andalusia, Rioja, Ribera del Duero and Albariño accompanied by delicious homemade tapas like Spanish-style potato salad, octopus in a tomato-based sauce, potato croquettes and spicy pork sausages. There's a wide range of other savoury dishes on offer including platters of cold meats, Spanish omelette and spinach with peppers. The interior is decorated like a traditional Andalusian house with the addition of wine barrels and pots of geraniums in the windows. Look on the walls to see photos of all the famous celebrities who have been here and you'll also find the barrels have been signed by well-known flamenco performers. It's a two-storey venue where the owners organize regular painting and sculpture exhibitions and conferences.
Granada Street.
Open Hours: 1pm-2.30am daily
Phone: +34 95 2228990
As its name suggests, it has a central location by Plaza de la Constitución and it has been here for over 100 years. A mosaic on the wall inside describes how to order a coffee properly in Malaga using all the specialist terms: "milky", "strong and black", "just a touch of milk" etc. It even shows you how much coffee is put in each type. Simply ordering coffee is not always as easy as it looks. The traditional old-fashioned atmosphere and decor have been preserved along with a special display counter full of cakes, a delicatessen and a lottery stand. It's open all day and has tables on the pavement if you want to enjoy the good weather or watch the hustle and bustle of city life.
Plaza de la Constitucion.
Open Hours: 7am-midnight daily
Phone: +34 95 2224973
This restaurant,whuch is owned by the famous actor from Málaga, Antonio Banderas, is one of the best restaurants for dinner or for "tapas". The prices are very reasonable, and even though the restaurant is large, it's always full with a good mix of people. The wood decor stands out, and it has two entrances on the same street, two floors and two bars, too. The fried eggplant and the grilled meat are truly excellent. Another good choice is the red pepper salad, which usually comes with fried "pescaito" (small fish). They make some original salads, and they have a good selection of pates, quality ham, chorizo and cheese. Try one of the wines on the ample list or have some draught beer.
Granada Street,33
Phone: +34 95 2217069
One of only two branches left in the city, this authentic old tavern is so popular it's sure to last another 110 years. The atmosphere is real. You're served by serious waiters with a piece of chalk tucked behind their ear who use it to write your bill on the ancient wooden bar, and you're surrounded by serious drinkers like journalists and others from the world of the communications industry. You can order the best moscatel in the province straight from the barrel or a fine Rioja or cool beer. You'll be served tiny tapas of fried fish, mussels, octopus salad or sea urchins. It's often so busy you have to stand outside in the street with your drinks.
Granada Street.
Open Hours: 10am-1am daily
Phone: +34 95 2228975
Cafe Madrid is a Málaga tradition. It dates back to 1892 and the walls are adorned with huge photographs of old Málaga. Located in the heart of Málaga, about 100 metres from the Plaza de la Constitución, this is one of the few cafes in Málaga that serves Madrid-style churros. The cafe is a great vantage point during Semana Santa celebrations, as all the religious floats pass by the huge windows. The proximity to the Teatro Cervantes means it has become a popular meeting point for artists and politicans.
Open Hours: 7:30am-10pm daily
Phone: +34 95 2222102
A classic of the old town. With more than 50 years of history this place is as successful today as it was when it first started. A long wooden bar and tables full of memories engraved in with keys in their two rooms - the outside and the indoor. This is traditionally a bodega and is full of barrels of different wines, especially sweet wines from the area. The best tapas are the salads - they have a long list of them - russian potato, seafood, octopus, marine, Malaga red pepper...this is a place for many foreigners who enjoy the typical things. Very attractive.
Mendez Nuñez Street.
Open Hours: midday-4pm & 8pm-3.30am Tues-Sun
Phone: +34 95 2223589
This old place with an unrivalled reputation has been going for more than a century. In the middle of Alameda Principal, it is still full of customers - old and new -. The wines in barrels (and bulk) are certainly the best option. Not only can you try the different wines but you can also take a bottle home to share with the family or friends. As far as the food goes, some seafood tapas or "pescaito frito" (little fried fish, famous in Malaga) should help you enjoy washing down the vino.
Alameda principal Street.
Open Hours: 10am-1.30am daily
Phone: +34 95 2214680
may be interesting to know that this fantastic establishment belongs to Javier Conde's (a famous bullfighter) family. Its walls are decorated with objects related to bullfighting, photographs, publicity posters and other memorabilia belonging to this matador. Their food is excellent and prices are affordable. They regularly organize gastronomic events. We recommend their oysters, which are the specialty of the house. Moreover, they offer all kinds of tapas and pescaíto frito (small, whole fried fish). They give customers a glass of vermouth for free. Young people always figure amongst their regular customers.
Open Hours: 1-5.30pm & 8.30pm-2.30am Tue-Sun
Phone: +34 95 2600112
This restaurant specialises in cod: al pil-pil, a la riojana (with red pepper), fried, oven-cooked, in salsa verde (garlic and parsley sauce), in salads, a la malagueña, as croquettes. Cod is the be-all and end-all of this establishment that serves tapas, portions and half portions. You can sit at the bar or at a table and look forward to a good hearty meal. They have very good wines, especially sweet wines and Moscatel de Málaga. Their desserts are home-made with fruits and ice-cream.
Open Hours: 12.30pm-5pm & 8pm-12.30am Tue-Sun
Phone: +34 95 2214089
This cafe is located on one of the busiest streets in the city and has a reputation for excellence. The business started off in Marbella and soon moved to Malaga as well and it's been looking after locals with a sweet tooth for over 25 years. The interior is exquisitely decorated and serves delicious homemade cakes and pastries. One unusual speciality is the edible "photocake" that carries the image you request on the top. Or, you could simply opt for the traditional breakfasts and afternoon teas. There is a small salon inside and tables out on calle Larios.
Larios Street.
Open Hours: 8.30am-10pm daily
Phone: +34 95 2226221
Located in the heart of Malaga's nightlife scene, since it's opening this establishment has become the place to be for those who like to enjoy the night. One of the first Irish bars Malaga, it is the perfect place for starting out on your nightly rounds in the capital of the Sun Coast. The clientele is made up of a hetergenous group, in which you can find from high school students to executives, all of whom share an interest in good Celtic music and in the best domestic and imported beers.
Luis de Velázquez Street,3.
Open Hours: 8pm-3am daily
+34 95 2221351

Going to the theatre is a good way to experience another part of the Spanish culture. In Malaga the Cervantes theatre is the most famous. Among actors who started their career in theatre Cervantes can be mentioned Antonio Banderos. Cervantes is located on the street Ramos Marin.
Phone: +34-952 22 41 09

When travelling to Andalucia it can be highly recommended to see one of the classic flamenco shows. The Flamenco music and dance has its origins within the gipsy population in Andalucia and all over the region there are shows of a high quality. In Malaga town you can find the flamenco club Vista Andalucia on Av. Guindos, 29.


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